We Went Sober In October... All about this & more!

Hola KweNu Community! 😊

How are you all doing? How have you been since our last check-in? You see how we are getting better at this consistency thing lol. Over here we’ve been great and quite busy honestly. But they say busy is good so we guess that’s a power move. Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to.

October Recap

“Let’s ditch the booze and pick up the juice” was all we were singing last month with our #SoberOctoberChallenge. It’s been a hectic year with so many ups and downs and we’ve probably all been guilty of a little over-indulgence especially on the alcohol and food end. So, we decided to create this challenge to give our bodies a much needed detox and most importantly learn better and fun ways to fuel it with the right nutrients. We created a package that had 3 options with 2 juices being delivered to you every day. If you missed it and still want to try the challenge, check out the recipe list here. We wanted to take the challenge a step further and recognize some incredible people who have managed to live the #sobereverymonth lifestyle!

Cue our first October KweBoozi guest, Roberta Kisubi. Roberta has been sober for almost two years and when she saw that we were running the challenge, she wanted to have a chat to basically debunk all alcohol myths around alcohol and the sober lifestyle, but most importantly encourage those who are struggling to let alcohol go… especially if it’s bringing more harm than good in your life. She had an amazing discussion with our KweBoozi host Carol Kagezi that touched on a number of elements like how functioning alcoholism has been normalized in Uganda and how you can still be the life of the party on soda or water. It was an insightful conversation so be sure to watch it here when you can. 

Understating the role emotions have in our food eating habits is a journey we continue to struggle with but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done. Food discipline is probably one of the hardest things to grasp and everyone goes through their own journey. We had the amazing Nadia Matovu share hers on our second KweBoozi episode. Nadia talked about how she struggled with Yo-yo dieting and how that led to inconsistent weight gains and losses over a 10-year period. Yo-yo dieting is the practice of repeatedly losing weight by dieting and subsequently regaining it. This usually happens when the dieter (say you) embarks on a hypo-caloric diet that is initially too extreme. You can witness immediate weight loss but the limits imposed by such an extreme diet can lead to fatigue that make the diet impossible to sustain. Once the dieter (again, you) reverts to their old eating habits, the weight is regained. Nadia mentioned how she was able to start eating healthy and developed a workout regimen for her body type. Get all the juicy details and more on her story right here

Hello November!

We have a couple of exciting things planned this time round for November! It is Diabetes Awareness Month and if you know us, you know we are going to drop some information nuggets all month long. We are doing this because we want to help change the way we all view Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and improve the general awareness. A big part of spreading awareness is educating others about what Type 1 diabetes is and isn’t. Education is key to dispelling ignorance around the chronic illness and continuing advocacy for those living with it. 

You will also probably see some content around men’s health in particular as this is #Movember, the month we focus on mens’ physical and emotional well being.

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That’s all from us this time around… as always, we hope you are keeping healthy and taking care of yourself and those around you. Have a super blessed November.