We Are Back! A Little Recap & A Challenge!

Hey there!

It’s us, hitting you up from the other side wondering whether we deserve a second chance from you. It’s been a while and with everything that has been happening around the world, we want to be better at this communication and check-in thing, care to forgive us?

September Recap

You are no stranger to what’s going on in the news so we don’t want to dwell so much on that. Instead, we want to highlight the simple yet amazing things we’ve created for you since miss ‘rona’ came through. ‘Keep your immunity levels up’ has been that jam that has been sang by everyone and bambi, we would understand if you got tired of hearing it. But what’s the importance and how can you practice it in your everyday life? Simply put, taking an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals gives your body the right kanyama to fight off infections. It was from this that we created a luscious 14 Day juice plan, aimed to strengthen your immunity. All the juices are filled with Vitamin C, which is key in fighting bacteria and infections, leafy greens that help fight toxins and anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and ginger. You can check out the recipes here and try with family at home or you can sign up for the plan by hitting us up.

Since we’ve been gone, we’ve started a series of live video interviews and takeovers that have morphed in what is now #KweBoozi with KweNu, a talk show hosted by the fabulous Carol Kagezi, a radio presenter and producer, KweNu lover and all round wellness and fitness enthusiast. The show, which airs on Instagarm and Facebook Live, looks to foster and create conversation that inspires you all to be the best and healthiest version of yourselves. We have had two brilliant episodes under #KweBoozi so far, the first with Sandra Kekirunga, a 3 year old vegan in the meat society that is Kampala. Sandra took us through her vegan journey so far, exploring the ways to handle friends and family that might not understand, great grocery shops for vegans in Kampala, the ways in which being vegan has affected her body and overall health and so much more! Click here to catch the full episode. For the second episode, Carol sat down with the famous Robert Kabushenga for a chat on the ways in which his relationship with food and fitness has changed with age. Over a lot of laughs Robert shared the ways in which he has been able to maintain a constant fitness routine, the level of attention he pays to the food he eats and the ways in which he handles people that might have a lot to say about his dietary restrictions. Head over to our facebook page for the full episode.

You can catch the rest of our live videos down below:

Bix Veron | Strength Training & Exercise Nutrition

Melissa Ntegeka | Ab Workout + Q&A on Healthy Eating

Jamila Lunkuse | Fitness: Moving Past The Scale & Diet Culture Mentality

Phoebe Murungi | How To Have A Better Relationship With Food

The month of September also saw the launch of KweNu Specials! Every week, our kitchen team put together a juice and salad that were not on our menu and for the price of only 30k, you could have your fantastic unique lunch delivered to you! We went to Thailand twice, tried some cabbage juice and truly felt the beet all month long!

(Posters of the specials)

October Activities

Sober October anyone? Yes! For the month of October, we are looking for people that are looking to detox. It's been a long hard year! And many of us are guilty of over indulging every once in a while when it comes to alcohol. So we will be conducting the #SoberOctoberChallenge! With a group of friends, you will commit to being sober for the month, and you will sign up for one of 3 options under the Sober October package. With two juices everyday, you can sign up for either the daily, weekly or monthly package! The most exciting thing for us is the names of all these mocktails. Honestly you probably won't even miss the alcohol! October 5th is Day 1! Do you have your crew ready? Let’s ditch the booze and pick up the juice!

The #KweBoozi with KweNu line up this month promises to be quite exciting. As we navigate the #SoberOctoberChallenge, Carol will host Roberta Kisubi for a conversation on sobriety as a millennial as she has been sober for the past two years. We will have the gorgeous Nadia Matovu on the 24th of October as well, breaking down the relationship between food discipline and emotional well being. Follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook for all the updates!


We have over talked and we are sorry for it but a catch up was long overdue. We hope you are keeping healthy and taking care of yourselves. If there is anything that you would like to inquire about, don’t hesitate to call us on 0777105496.

May enjoyments of all kinds bless you in the remaining days of September.

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