How To Celebrate & Appreciate That Super Woman!

Have you ever wondered who decided that superheroes need to have spandex as their official material? Did this individual assume that every superhero had a tailor-connect who had the best spandex quality? Has there ever been a superhero who just wore regular cotton clothes as they went on to save the world? Imagine how interesting that would be… Black Panther going to fight Thanos but in a Nytil or Phoenix cotton shirt with Bata trainers orrrrr Wonder Woman in her mom jeans and wedge shoes.

You are probably wondering why I am talking about superheroes and them wearing normal clothing - that’s because this month, we are going to celebrate those heroes. I am talking about the heroes who surround you, the heroes who provide, care and love you, the heroes who are there for us and for you always. I am talking about the hero in YOU, the hero who is every WOMAN. There are a number of reasons as to why WOMEN have an entire month to be celebrated but today, we will preach on something else.

Women’s month across the globe is celebrated in a number of ways and we just want to give you a few pointers of how you can show love to yourself and other special ladies:

1. Write a thank you note to yourself. It’s not easy being a boss chick making silent moves like the G in lasagna all the time. It’s not easy constantly being there for family and friends even when they don’t always do the same for you. It’s not easy running that business, finishing that degree, being a mom or doing anything that requires a lot of energy. So, for all that, pat yourself on the back, write a thank you note and then take off time to acknowledge just how far you’ve come and how much you have achieved. As the popular Ugandan adage goes… ‘Well done'.

2. Create a girl power playlist and share it. It doesn’t matter whether you listen to it in the shower, while working out, at the office or when having your chai… just make sure it bangs. Start local with songs like Boom parteh by Cindy, Bwogana by Winnie Nwagi and Recho Rey, Sweet sensation by Sheebah etc. You can go international as well with girl on fire by Alicia Keys, run the world by Beyonce and so on and so forth. Play this all month and be reminded how special and magical you are.

3. Say thank you to a woman who has inspired you. There is nothing more meaningful than telling someone that they have helped shape your life. Putting the words (and maybe memes) to express it goes a long way in keeping that memory forever. So, get your Nice clear pen and do as Shakespeare did.

4. Read books by feminine authors: Bad Black told us that to “rerax is good” so why not spend your free time enriching yourself with some knowledge? Have you read books by Ugandan female writers like Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, Goretti Kyomuhendo, Dr Stella Nyanzi or young writers like Acan Innocent? Go check them out and show appreciation anyway you can.

5. Donate some time to charities/ organizations that support girls: There are three major ways to show an organization that you support their mission i.e. give them time by showing up to serve, talent by using your skill-set to help out where you see fit, or treasure by making a financial contribution to any of the campaigns. Volunteering and making donations with girls shows them how valuable giving back to the community is and makes them far more likely to continue the tradition as an adult.

6. Supporting female led companies is also a good way to celebrate this women’s month. Check out these businesses on IG and let’s put their work out there: @rissanaturals, @lyflydesigns, @kweliskinorganics, @serenebeautyug, @foodlibrary, @thepastrycapital, @prettyperfectug, @swapandtalk, @akadope, @canwetalk, @teesaadvisory, @saatiyo, @fionakemi and so many beautiful others.


There you have it! This short and simple list gives you a thing or two to do this month to appreciate and show gratitude to women and yourself.

Happy Women's Month, girls! What are you doing to celebrate?!