Diets Vs Lifestyle

In our search for health , our endeavors for a healthy body , we come across so many ways to tackle this issue and this includes dieting. Good old diets.

A diet originally meant the type of food one habitually eats, overtime this has been changed to mean, a type of food one restricts oneself from eating. Today I am talking about the former versus your entire lifestyle.

Like I tell all my clients, among all the methods you’re using to reach your goal, be it weight gain or weight loss, the one method that will work is the one where you are consistent. Consistency plays a large part in how far we go in our goals. So many of us lack consistency and the biggest cause of this isn’t that we are not dedicated , it’s that we choose to change just a small part of our lives and forget that it takes more than that for long lasting results. In other words, we adopt diets, we change what we eat for a short period of time and forget to make a lifestyle out of it. A diet will no doubt work but the difference between someone who is dieting and another who changes their entire lifestyle is that one will always be jumping from one diet to another and backsliding while the other will have long lasting results. The thing about dieting is that most times it’s not sustainable while adapting healthy habits. So how do we make sure that we do more that diet, that we learn how to just live a healthy lifestyle ?

My favorite approach is to ask myself basic questions. What could put my health at risk, what makes me gain or loss unhealthy weight? Maybe it’s junk food. Instead of just telling myself that I’m cutting out junk food for a month, I ask myself if I were to cut out junk food, what will I replace it with?, will I start cooking more often, do I have enough time to shop for fresh food and cook? Is there a restaurant that can make me fresh food? All these questions that seem mundane actually help you to change your lifestyle and adopt better habits so that you don’t only “diet” non stop but create a life that is healthy, enjoyable and can be sustained for a long time.

So my dear friends, what will it be, a “ diet” or a “lifestyle”?. Choose wisely.