The Protein Salad by Ethereal Outlook

Hello beautiful people,

I come bearing good salad news! You know how am always sharing Instagram perfect bowls of food on social media and all you can do is double tap and maybe ask me how to make it, like you really like it and are willing to make it but you don’t have the time, well guess what? I teamed up with KweNu bar to bring you my favorite delicacy, the protein salad! Am like so obsessed with it, it’s always my first refuge for any beauty needs; if I have to go for a flashing lights party over the weekend , I literally eat this salad everyday to get my skin camera ready, that’s how major it is!

Just imagine getting the endless benefits of broccoli without tasting it, well that’s exactly what this salad is, the broccoli almost goes unnoticed but the fiber holds in your stomach like forever so one meal can hold until the next meal time but also it’s not so heavy that you dose, I mean that’s the beauty of a salad; get full without feeling tired and ready to go home and pass out while watching KUWTK. Carefully curated to check off skin glow goals while increasing immunity at the same time, this salad also moderates your blood sugar, gives an energy boost and is a natural cleanser for the body. #TheHealthyOption

Ps: Even the dressing is healthy, everything in this bowl is super healthy, super yummy and the best part; super instagrammable!

Ready to revitalize yet? Call KweNu Juice & Salad Bar on +256 777 105 496 or find them on Jumia Food Uganda.Try it and let me know what you think in the comment section.