Juicing Vs Blending

People always ask "what is the difference between juicing and blending" well, here it is:

Blending is when fruits and vegetables are put into a blender and blended. This process breaks down the fruits and vegetables that are in the blender until they are drinkable. Blending also retains both the juice and the pulp that is in the fruit and vegetable.


Juicing is completely different. First, you use a machine known as a "juicer". Unlike blending, the juicer extracts all the liquid from fruits and vegetables, leaving the pulp behind. There is no water added to the juice so it is pure fruits and vegetables...and of course "NO SUGAR!"

Which Is Better?

They are both great! And we recommend that you add them both to your daily diet.

Blending is great for smoothies and smoothies are really good when it comes to filling you up so that you do not over indulge in food and of course you are able to consume more fruits and vegetables which is the ultimate goal for living a healthier life style.

Have a smoothie before a meal or in between meals - make sure it's tasty so that you enjoy it. Remember, do not add sugar! There are different ingredients that you can combine to get a healthy but super tasty smoothie.

Juiced Juices or what we refer to as Detox Juices should also be added to your daily diet. Detox Juices are really good when it comes to cleansing your system and aiding weight loss.

People often go on a juice cleanse/diet or a juice challenge for a number of days - this really helps with getting rid of toxins in the system, kickstarting the metabolism especially if you want to start eating healthier and losing weight.

Remember: The goal is to consume the daily recommend 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables; Detox Juices and Smoothies makes this easier and is one way of counting down those daily servings!