Juicing: Our #1 Tip to a Healthier Lifestyle

First of all, juicing does not guarantee permanent weight loss unless followed through with a healthy lifestyle that includes eating clean, drinking loads of water and exercising often.

However, the benefits of juicing are unarguable! I am think about it, you are ingesting liquid that has been extracted from fruits and vegetable with no added water, sugar or preservatives. In a single glass of juice of about 300ml you can have as much as 1 apple, 3 medium size cucumbers, 2 big leaves of spinach, an inch of ginger and 1 lemon. YES, IN ONE GLASS! and it tastes delicious!

Juicing doesn't have to be yucky. It can be tasty, very tasty; so what's stopping you from making it part of your diet. We talk a lot about #CreatingHealthyHabits - we encourage you to put this one on your "Healthy Habit Priority List".


Helps in increasing your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables .

Lowers your calorie intake without depriving you of the nutrients.

Allows you to consume more nutrients and consume them faster.

Fills your system with vitamins, enzymes and minerals.

Helps kickstart healthier eating habits.

Increases your energy.

Improves your digestion.

Aids weight loss.